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Friday, 7 September 2012 6002
Jesus Christ was a historical figure of staggering influence,perhaps the most enigmatic andinspirational leader the world has ever seen.As the prophesied Messiah,Jesus toppled kings,inspired millions,and founded new philosophies.As a descendant of the lines of King Solomonand King David,Jesus possessed a rightful Authentic Louis Vuitton Handbags claim to the throne of the King of the Jews.
Understandably,His life was recorded by thousands of followers across the land."Teabing pausedto sip his tea and then placed the cup back on the mantel."More than eighty gospels wereconsidered for the New Testament,and yet only a relative few were chosen forinclusion—Matthew,Mark,Luke,and John among them.
"Who chose which gospels to include?"Sophie asked.
"Aha!"Teabing burst in with enthusiasm."The fundamental irony of Christianity!The Bible,as weknow it today,was collated by the pagan Roman emperor Constantine the Great."
"I thought Constantine was a Christian,"Sophie said.
"Hardly,"Teabing scoffed."He was a lifelong pagan who was baptized on his deathbed,too weakto protest.In Constantine's Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Handbags day,Rome's official religion was sun worship—the cult of Sol Invictus,or the Invincible Sun—and Constantine was its head priest.Unfortunately for him,a growingreligious turmoil was gripping Rome.Three centuries after the crucifixion of Jesus Christ,Christ's
followers had multiplied exponentially.Christians and pagans began warring,and the conflict grewto such proportions that it threatened to rend Rome in two.Constantine decided something had tobe done.In 325A.D.,he decided to unify Rome under a single religion.Christianity."

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Thursday, 6 September 2012 5001
Sophie deleted everything she had just typed in and looked up at Langdon,her gaze self-assured.
"It's far too coincidental that this supposedly random account number could be rearranged to formthe Fibonacci sequence."
Langdon realized she had a point.Earlier,Sophie had rearranged this account number into theFibonacci sequence.What were the odds of being able to do that?
Sophie was at the keypad again,entering a different number,as if from memory."Moreover,withmy grandfather's love of symbolism and codes,it seems to follow that he would have chosen anaccount number that had meaning to him,something he could easily remember."She finishedtyping the entry and gave a sly smile."Something that appeared random...but was not."Langdonlooked at the screen.
ACCOUNT NUMBER:1123581321It took him an instant,but when Langdon spotted it,he knew she was right.
The Fibonacci sequence.
1-1-2-3-5-8-13-21When the Fibonacci sequence was melded into a single ten-digit number,it became virtuallyunrecognizable.Easy to remember,and yet seemingly random.A brilliant ten-digit code thatSaunière would never forget.Furthermore,it perfectly explained why the scrambled Authentic Louis Vuitton Handbags numbers onthe Louvre floor could be rearranged to form the famous progression.
Sophie reached down and pressed the ENTER key.
Nothing happened.
At least nothing they could detect.
At that moment,beneath them,in the bank's cavernous subterranean vault,a robotic claw sprang tolife.Sliding on a double-axis transport system attached to the ceiling,the claw headed off in searchof the proper coordinates.On the cement floor below,hundreds of identical plastic Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Handbags crates layaligned on an enormous rows of small coffins in an underground crypt.
Whirring to a stop over the correct spot on the floor,the claw dropped down,an electric eyeconfirming the bar code on the box.Then,with computer precision,the claw grasped the heavyhandle and hoisted the crate vertically.New gears engaged,and the claw transported the box to the
far side of the vault,coming to a stop over a stationary conveyor belt.

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Updated: Thursday, 6 September 2012 9:29 PM EDT
Wednesday, 5 September 2012 4502
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Mysterious calling, Aringarosa doubt, may be a photo opportunity to the Pope
And other the Vatican officials use opus dei recent public successfully complete their Authentic Louis Vuitton Handbags world headquarters in New York. Building digestion called opus dei building "a light in the Catholic sublimely combining modern landscape", recently theVatican seems to be attracted to any and all, including the word "modern".
Aringarosa have no choice but to accept the invitation, although reluctant. Not a fan of the currentpapal management, Aringarosa, like most conservative clerics, and concernas watch the tomb moved to his new Pope the term of office of the first year. An unprecedented freedom, his holiness hadsecured Pope through one of the most controversial and unusual secret meeting, in the history of the Vatican.
Now, and not be moved his unexpected rise, the holy father waste notime deflection all related muscles of the highest positions body. Reference anunsettling tide's freedom party support the college of cardinals, the Pope has already announced that hispapal mission is to "revive the Vatican doctrine and update the Catholic church to thirdmillennium."
Translation, Aringarosa worry, the man is actually arrogantly think time to rewrite the law of god and win back the person's Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Handbags heart feel real Catholicismhad requirements become too inconvenient in the modern world.

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Monday, 3 September 2012
authentic louis vuitton handbags 1101
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Here, sparkling rose line with a ninety - degree vertical rotation and continuous face directly the obelisk itself, improve 33 feet to the very tip of the top of the pyramid, where itfinally stop.

Rose line, Silas think. Brotherhood hidden key in rose line.
Earlier tonight, when Silas tell the teacher, Authentic Louis Vuitton Handbags,the Priory trapezoidal is hidden in st
Sulpice, the teacher sounds fishy. But when Silas added, brother put an accurate position, involving a brass wire through Jesus Christ's holy than si, the teacher hadgasped and enlightenment. "You speak of rose line!"
The teacher soon tell Silas holy than Jesus Christ's, the famous building of brass thatsegmented strange a sanctuary a perfect on the north-south axis. This is an ancient sundial all kinds of, a vestigeof pagan temples, had stood here. The sun's rays, through the theoculus shine in the south wall, transfer to a more complete every day, indicating the passage of time, from the summer solstice, the winter solstice.
The band has been referred to as a "Rose line. Several centuries of symbol, Rose steel related map and guiding the soul in the right direction. A compass Rose - drawnon almost every map shows north, east, south, Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Handbags, west. Originally called WindRose, which means that the direction of the wind, blowing 32 majorwinds eight, eight directions, and sixteen half wind monsoon. When draw a circle inside, these 30 -
Two bearing exactly like a traditional 32 petals rose flower. On the today newspaper, basic navigation tools is still called a compass rose, its northernmostdirection still marks an arrow... Or, more commonly, the symbol of the iris.

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Sunday, 2 September 2012
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"This is the Fibonacci sequence," she declared, nod to a piece of paper in Fache hand.
"A developing each word is equal to the sum of the two front conditions."
Fache study these data. Every word is really the two and before, Authentic Louis Vuitton Handbags, but Fachecould don't imagine it all is the relevance of the Virginia is death.

"Mathematician leonardo Fibonacci create this a series of digital the 13th century.
Obviously, there can be no coincidence, all of the figure is still wrote Virginia on the floor belongto the Fibonacci sequence of famous. "
Fache stared at the young woman a few moments. "Very well, if there is no coincidence, you tell me why Jacques sauniere choose to do this. He said is what? What does this mean?"
She shrugged his shoulders. "Absolutely not. Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Handbags, That's the point. This is a simple encryption jokes. Liketaking words, one of the famous poetry and random move them, see if people realize the whatall word in common."
Fache belt threatening step, put his face only a few inches from Sophie's. "Of course I can have a more satisfactory explanation."
Sophie's soft characteristic become surprisingly stern come up for her. "Captain, consider you here tonight haveat shares, I thought you might want to know Jacques sauniere may and you beplaying game. Obviously not. I'll inform you of the competent cryptography soon will no longer need our services."

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